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False teeth (or dentures) are prosthetic appliances designed to replace missing teeth. Replacing teeth with false teeth is usually something we associate with old age. However, well made modern dentures are growing in popularity for younger people too.

People lose teeth or have teeth removed due to a range of issues, including:

  • tooth decay
  • periodontal or gum disease
  • drug use
  • traumatic injury, or
  • genetic disorders.
False teeth

False teeth are a good affordable solution for many people

False teeth are a good affordable solution to help with a wide range of physical and cosmetic issues. Various real looking false teeth options exist for you to help with:

  • missing teeth
  • an inability to properly bite or chew properly
  • shifting or tilting of remaining teeth
  • sagging of facial muscles which affect appearance and speech.

Today there are many false teeth options made to fit into the mouth as natural teeth. You can now customize the false teeth shape, size, and color to match the original teeth perfectly. This provides a natural look which is comfortable, practical and not noticeable.

False Teeth Products

There are many new false teeth products on the market. This is due to many reasons including:

  • an increase in the different denture options available,
  • the increase in popularity, and
  • advancements in technology.

These products can help to maintain your dentures, keep them looking their best, and give you the confidence you need.

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Different False Teeth Options

There have been many recent advances in dental restoration and cosmetic dentistry. This has made the options available more affordable and less invasive. Your dentist will discuss with you the best real looking options available. Among them are:

  • dental implants,
  • bridges, and
  • dentures, which may be full dentures or partial dentures (when only a few teeth are missing).

Make sure that you check out the video below for a quick run-down of some of the different options available:


Your dentist will recommend the best false teeth option to suit your specific circumstances. Some factors to consider include:

  • dental health,
  • age, and
  • the number of missing teeth.

Before starting, you can discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each available option with the dentist.

Below are some of the different options that are available. Make sure that you ask your dentist about each false teeth option:

Complete Dentures or Full Dentures

best false teeth options

False teeth options are more advanced now than ever before.

Complete dentures or full dentures are generally recommended for those who have lost all their teeth, either in the upper or lower jaw. A maxillary denture replaces missing teeth in the upper jaw. A mandibular denture replaces teeth in the lower jaw.

Comparing the two types of complete dentures, the maxillary denture has a larger area of coverage which means that it tends to be more stable.

The mandibular denture often poses more concerns for the wearer. This can be due to its lesser area of coverage which means less suction to hold it in place. It can also interfere with the movements of the tongue, especially if there is inadequate alveolar bone height.

Complete dentures may also be a good option for people who are not able to go for treatments to save or restore any teeth.

Partial Dentures

Partial dentures fit into the gaps caused by one or two teeth that are missing. They wearer can remove and put them in with ease.

Patients with only a few teeth missing on either the upper or lower jaws are the best candidates for partials. Individuals who are having implant treatments may also have partial dentures recommended temporarily. This is because installation of full dental implants may take some time.

Healthy teeth located either side of the gap secures the plate of partial dentures in place.

The plate is made of plastic or acrylic, and sometimes uses a metal framework to hold it in place. Some new partial dentures used by many dentists no longer use metal, which eliminates the potential damage to the healthy teeth.

For more information on partial dentures, click here.


Overdentures are false teeth options secured in the dental implants or roots of the teeth by dental attachments. The two types of overtures are telescopic denture and bar joint denture.

Patients with bone density problems are generally the best candidates for telescopic dentures.

The bar joint denture is an option for patients who lose most of their lower teeth. This would result in them having nothing to hold the denture in place while chewing.

The benefits of overdentures include aesthetic appearance, improvement in speech, chewing, jaw alignment, and bone loss prevention.

Flexible Dentures

Some of the other best false teeth options getting good recognition and favorable reviews are the flexible dentures. These have among the highest comfort level satisfaction among wearers.

The outer layer coating of flexible resin in the base of the dentures give them flexibility. This allows them to lock in place, giving superior stability.

The base of the dentures, made of transparent pink opaque shading, allows the natural color of the gum to be seen for a more pleasing cosmetic effect.

For a quick overview of flexible dentures, check out this video:


The great advantage of flexible dentures is that they are virtually unbreakable and last longer. Even though they tend to cost more than regular dentures, many find that the comfort, aesthetics and durability are worth the initial investment!

In summary…

This is only a brief overview of some of the different types of dentures available. To read more about the different types of dentures, click here.


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  1. I didn’t know there were so many options for fake teeth! My grandma has dentures, but she doesn’t like them very much. She said they’re a pain. My other grandma got dental implants instead and loves the way they feel. She loves being able to eat whatever she wants.

    • Hi Julia
      Thanks for your comments. Yes, there are many different options available these days… much more variety than there used to be. It’s not only the old fashioned dentures that many of us may be used to either, so it’s well worth reading up about the different false teeth options available, and of course talking to your dentist, to see if there is anything more appropriate.

  2. I had an accident while growing up and I was badly injured. I lost about 4 teeth and the gums were also damaged. so my question is, are there any chances for me to get false teeth that can suit my condition?

    • False Teeth Options

      Hi there
      You should be able to get something to help with your situation, but it would be best to talk directly with your dentist for specific advice.
      For some temporary false teeth solutions that may be of some benefit, make sure you check out this page.
      All the best


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