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Have you heard of digital dentures? No doubt you are aware of the term 3D printing. Well, digital dentures utilize this new technology to create false teeth.

In this article, we will look at this innovation, compare 3D printed dentures to traditional false teeth, review what digital dentures cost and answer some questions about this new method of creating dentures.

A Little History

Acrylic dentures have been made since 1934. Dentists used what has become known as the “traditional” reverse image method. Essentially, a mold of your mouth is made, and the acrylic denture material is poured into that mold.

With computer technology, digital dentures have become the newest solution. They are precise fitting, needing little adjustment.

Digital Dentures – What Are They?

Computer-aided design and manufacturing create dentures that fit perfectly. The manufacturing of the computer design is in the form of 3D printing. The process is quite a bit simpler and quicker than the traditional way false teeth have been made in the past several decades. Digital dentures also require fewer visits to the dentist during the fabrication process.

How Do Digital Dentures Compare?

The preciseness of computer technology results in dentures that have several advantages over traditional manufacturing methods. For example, the entire process from start to finish is considerably less with digital dentures. The fit is also far superior with digital dentures versus traditional false teeth. Computer design replaces any potential errors from the start.

The Benefits of Digital Dentures

As mentioned, there are many advantages to digital dentures compared to traditional false teeth. They include the following:


As the design of your dentures is computer-generated, each set of dentures will be the same. Think of the 3D printer as a tool that copies the original design from the computer. Each time you need a new set of dentures, the copy created will perfectly match the previous dentures.


Because the time involved in creating digital dentures is far reduced from that required for traditional false teeth, you can have a set faster. This makes digital dentures a convenient option.


As the design of your dentures is saved inside a computer, when you require a set of false teeth, digital dentures offer many ways to customize them. You can choose from different materials and colors so that you can have the look and comfort you desire.

Digital Backup

Dentures may break, crack, or go missing. If this happens, replacement is quick and easy as your computer-designed false teeth have a digital backup on the hard drive.


3D printed dentures are made with materials that are designed to withstand high impact. This means that your digital dentures will be strong and built to last.


The accuracy provided through computer technology makes digital dentures fit precisely in your mouth the moment you first wear them. The exact design results in little or no adjustments to the dentures to ensure a better fit.


What is a digital denture?

Digital dentures are false teeth that are created and manufactured digitally. This requires computer technology that scans your mouth, software that designs the dentures, and a 3D printer to create the dentures.

Do digital dentures fit better?

Through the process of computer technology, digital dentures are made with unmatched precision. Images of your mouth are captured, and software is used to create your dentures virtually. Once they have been customized to fit your mouth perfectly, they are printed with a 3D printer. The fit is so precise that adjustments are not normally required to improve how they fit.

What do digital dentures look like?

3D-printed dentures are designed to look natural. Once the computer has generated the exact design for your false teeth, the software is used to enhance the surface and features of the digital dentures so that when they are printed, they will look as if they are false teeth. The main advantage to the look of digital dentures is that if you require a new set, they will look exactly like your previous set so that no one will be able to determine that you are wearing a new set.

How much do digital dentures cost?

Digital dentures cost just slightly more than traditional false teeth. Several factors will determine the exact price which will vary depending on the quality of the dentures, the material used, and the geographic location of the dental office. It is safe to assume that digital dentures will cost anywhere between $500 and $2,000 per arch.

Where can I get digital dentures?

3D printed dentures are generally available from most dentists. Be sure to ask yours if they offer this false teeth option. The availability will depend on if your dentist works closely with a dental lab that makes digital dentures.

How long does it take to get digital dentures?

Digital dentures take less time than traditional false teeth. They can require just two dental appointments. The first one is to allow for a digital scan to be taken of your mouth. The digital record is used to create your 3D-printed dentures. During your second dental appointment, you will receive your new dentures. That’s it!

How are digital dentures made?

Following a computer scan of your mouth, software is used to create your dentures. This is done entirely in the digital world of the computer. Once the design is complete and matches the digital scan of your mouth, the dentures are manufactured with a 3D printer. The precision of the computer results in dentures that are a perfect fit.

Are digital dentures better?

Traditional dentures require replacement every five to ten years. As digital dentures are made from a much stronger material, they can last much longer. That does not mean you will never need to replace them. As the shape of your mouth changes over time, your dentures may not fit properly. This is when you should consider changes to your false teeth.

In Conclusion

New technology has changed how we do many things. One is false teeth. With computer technology, your mouth can be scanned, and dentures created in the virtual environment of the computer. Once properly designed, they are created through a 3D printer.

Digital dentures cost slightly more than conventional false teeth, but as they last longer, and are quicker and easier to get, digital dentures provide a much better value to the patient. So if you are looking at getting new dentures, ask your dentist if digital dentures are the best option for you.

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