How Often Should You Brush Natural Teeth And Dentures?

One of the biggest parts of maintaining good oral health is brushing after every meal. This process to take care of your teeth and dentures is one that requires work and dedication, but is very much worth it. And you should even consider giving your false teeth a rinse after each meal and popping them back in.

When we eat food, we break it down through a combination of chewing and the chemicals and fluids in our mouths. This dissolves the food so that we can ingest it and have it processed into our bodies.

This broken down food is reduced to basic compounds as we ingest it, which we use to power our bodies through the day. When food is eaten, the remainders of it will sometimes get stuck between our teeth or even lightly coat them in some cases.

When this occurs, the broken down compounds which settle on the teeth can act as a corrosive agent. Corrosion can wear down the enamel of a tooth and lead to cavities and other problems.

This works on the cracks in between the teeth much like it does on the surface. Therefore, any exposure should be avoided or minimized.

This is exactly why we brush our teeth as a major part of dental care. Brushing our teeth whitens our teeth and makes our breath fresher, but it is really all about removing the harmful elements before they have time to do damage to our teeth.

How To Take Care Of Your Teeth And Dentures

brushing after every meal

Take care of your teeth. Make sure you are brushing after every meal

Toothbrushes have bristles which provide friction and very light abrasion, and toothpaste is made up of flavoring, fluoride gel and a mild abrasive in order to remove plaque and tartar. It might not feel like it, but the act of brushing teeth is actually all about being able to scour our teeth clean.

However, if you have dentures, there are also other parts of a false teeth cleaning routine that can differ from natural teeth. This includes:

Performing this oral care routine is something that should happen on a regular basis. In fact, it is a good habit to clean your mouth and teeth after every meal.

When someone brushes immediately following a meal, it allows them to clean out all of the food particles which have accumulated, allowing for very early controlling of the situation. Those who do this after every meal should be able to notice very pronounced benefits as a result of their efforts.

Whether you have false teeth or not, it can be a tricky process to do, and often you may miss a brushing session (especially after lunch). The best thing to keep in mind is that this process is one which focuses on building up healthy habits.

Missing brushing after every meal every now and then it certainly not going to leased to immediate tooth decay – it is more about taking control and being proactive in your oral health. The longer that you repeat the action, the easier it will be to both remember and do.

Those who are serious about their oral health and dental care should be able to be able to see positive results which will more than justify their investment of time and effort. It’s not that hard, but it does take commitment to look after your teeth, but the effort will be worth it in the long run.

After all, who doesn’t want to have fewer visits to the dentist, minimal dental costs, and less pain? Brushing after every meal is a small price to pay for excellent oral health.


  1. Stephen Tang on September 11, 2019 at 8:22 am

    Can i soak my dentures inside a cup of tap water overnight?

    • False Teeth Options on September 11, 2019 at 8:41 pm

      Hi Stephen
      Thanks for your question.
      It is important not to let your dentures dry out, so soaking them in tap water is fine. For extra cleaning, it is good to soak them in a proper denture soaking solution. However, make sure to rinse them off thoroughly before putting them back in your mouth.
      Please check out this article for some more denture care tips.
      Thanks again, and all the best.

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