Pediatric Dentistry – What to look for in a children’s dentist

When it comes to getting your children to the dentist, it is often a task that is met with a lot of opposition. And rightly so… children can be sensitive, stubborn, …….., and going to the dentist can be a scary experience for anyone. But some children’s dentists put in extra effort to make the visit to a Pediatric Dentist a much more pleasant experience. This extra effort can make a world of difference in being able to get your child to the dentist.

We all want our kids to develop good dental hygiene habits from an early age, as this can set them up for a lifetime of good oral health. But how do you do this? One step in the right direction is finding a children’s dentist that focuses specifically on kids and aims to make their experience as pleasant as possible.

What to look for in a Pediatric Dentist

visit your children's dentist

Try to find the best children’s dentist to make it a pleasant experience for your child

An example of a dentist that goes the extra mile is Burg Children’s Dentistry. Burg Pediatric in Utah is many people’s number one decision when it comes to pediatric dentists, and for good reason. They put a lot of effort into making your children feel comfortable and have a good experience and they also want the parents to feel comfortable and have any of their questions answered. Everyone should have a good experience at a Pediatric Dentist, and it is apparent at Burgs that they care for the kids and they want every child to have a good experience. This children’s dentist is proactive in creating a positive experience for the kids, and their creations will generate smiles all round, which is not the norm at most dentist visits.

Burg Pediatric employees are specifically trained and work hard on their dentistry work but they also know how to work well with children. They prepare their office so that it is appealing to children right off, and then they treat them well to help the children remain calm and comfortable. A visit to the dentist can be a very intimidating experience for many children (as well as adults). Burg Pediatric is aware of this, and they do all that they can to make sure that children are comfortable, calm and don’t get intimidated. They want children to be excited about coming to the dentist office and be comforted upon entering the office.

When children come into Burg Pediatric Dentistry they will enter to see a superhero lair. They get to enjoy their wait while they play in the superhero lair. Inside the lair there are children’s books, toys, movies, and magazines. As we all know, every wait is more enjoyable if there is entertainment and this is especially true for kids. The children have the option to enjoy a good book. If they do not enjoy passing their time with reading then they can watch a movie, or if they prefer they can swap the book for a magazine and enjoy looking at pictures and reading if they wish. For children that are more active toys are available for them to play with while they wait.

Toys in the lair are a good option for children. They can be active and play and actually totally forget about being nervous. Then when their wait is up they can go into the exam room and sit and relax. They can watch TV on the television mounted on the ceiling in the exam room while they sit through their appointment. It can help the children to relax and to stay entertained once they leave the lair and enter the appointment room. The children that sit through their appointments then receive a special price when their appointment is over. It makes for a great end to any appointment.

Find the right children’s dentist for your child

As you can see, the team at Burg Pediatric Dentistry put in a lot of effort to make kids feel as comfortable as possible. If you are not in the Utah area and can’t visit this particular Pediatric Dentist, and your child is a little nervous about visiting the dentist, then you may want to look out for one that puts in the same amount of effort that the Burg team do. As a parent you want to encourage good dental habits in your child from a young age, and visiting a children’s dentist regularly for a dental checkup is part of that routine, so finding the right Pediatric Dentist is very important.

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