Pros & Cons of Cheap Dental Implants

Cheap dental implants are an affordable solution to tooth loss. Tooth loss can occur at any age, but most often happens as a person ages, especially in those people who do not have good oral hygiene or take certain types of medications. Older people who lose some or all of their teeth generally get partial or full dentures to fill in the gaps and help improve eating and speaking.

The problem with traditional dentures is that they often slip, do not fit well, or get food particles stuck between the roof of the mouth and the dentures. These are just the drawbacks people had to live with, until the option of dental implants came along.

Advantages and disadvantages of dental implants

Cheap dental implants

Cheap dental implants are an affordable solution to tooth loss.

When deciding if you should opt for affordable dental implants, first you need to understand the procedure. If you opt for dental implants, you must understand that the process requires a couple of surgical procedures, so it a time consuming option. The first surgical procedure needed for cheap dental implants is actually placing the implant into the gums. During this procedure the gums are slit and a hole drilled into the bone so the surgeon can place the implant.

The length of this procedure depends on how many false teeth implants a patient is receiving. The surgeon can usually place about one implant per hour. After this first procedure, the patient is given antibiotics and requested to come back in about a week to have the stitches removed. There is usually some mild pain reported after the procedure.

The second surgery takes place after the false teeth implants have attached to the surrounding bone. During this procedure the surgeon makes a small slit in the gum to remove the protective screw from the implant and insert a healing cap in its place. This cap sits above the gums where the tooth would be and maintains the space so the gums can heal correctly around the dental implant. After this second surgery, and roughly three weeks of healing, the patient goes to the dentist to have their dentures, crown or bridge made.

Problems associated with implant surgery

There are some problems that can arise with denture implants. While implant surgery is successful in 90 percent of patients that leaves a small percentage where implant failure can occur. Implant failure occurs when the implant does not attach to the surrounding bone. When this happens the implant has to be removed, and another attempt can be made at a later time. Some common reasons why the cheap dental implants fail to attach to bone include infection around the implant, cigarette smoking, titanium allergies and lack of healthy bone.

As with all types of surgical procedures, there are some risks involved. These include infection, bleeding and injury to the sinuses, nasal cavity or nerves near the implant area immediately following surgery. Other complications include bacteria that can lead to periodontal disease and bone loss. Dental implant breakage may also occur, leading to the removal of the broken implant.

For many people, dental implants benefits out-way the negatives

While affordable dental implants may require several procedures and more time to complete than traditional dentures, there are several advantages to this option. Because they are implanted and attached to bone, they are more like a person’s real teeth. This makes eating and talking easier than it may be with traditional dentures. Dental implants will not slip and do not require any type of adhesives to hold them in place. You can brush and care for them just as you would your original teeth.

For many people, cheap dental implants remove the embarrassment one might feel when having to wear dentures that may slip or fall out while eating or during a conversation. For many people, the benefits of affordable dental implants far out-way any negatives, and this is why they are a popular choice to replace missing teeth.

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