denture brush coversTo keep your dentures safe and clean, dentures and their cleaning brushes come with a range of accessories. The best way to keep yours clean and ready, whether they are on the bathroom vanity or tucked away in a travel bag is with a denture brush holder.

The same manufacturers who make the denture cleaning tools and solutions also provide a range of denture accessories. These additional items include denture storage and cleaning cases as well as complete kits which include brushes, cases, and cleaning solution tablets. Depending on your specific needs, you may require at least one, if not all of these for either storage or traveling.

They are typically made from plastic for easy cleaning and to keep them lightweight.

Denture Brush Cover – by The Bottle Crew

This blue plastic denture case cover is designed to just fit over the dual brush head of a denture cleaning brush. It is also designed to fit over all denture brush configurations. It has an easy to open and close snap closure and is as simple to keep clean.

Designed primarily to be a travel case, it can be used anytime to keep the brush heads of your denture cleaning brush clean and protected.

For more information on The Bottle Crew Denture Brush Covers, click here.

Denture Storage and Cleaning Kit – by Archtek

This complete kit comes with three pieces. There’s the storage/cleaning case with separate snap lid and an ergonomically designed denture cleaning brush.

The case has a three-piece construction with an internal draining basket and the snap lid. The storage case also comes in two different colors – white or amber.

The entire kit is designed for travel but can still be used as a daily storage location in your bathroom.

For more information on ArchtekDenture Storage and Cleaning Kits, click here.

Home-X Denture Travel Case with Brush

This is a complete package which includes a sturdy and compact denture box which is also leak proof. The interior is big enough to hold both uppers and lowers as well as most any kind of dental appliance or mouthguard.

You can soak dentures worry-free with this and the secure locking lid makes this perfect for travel. Plus, there is a built-in mirror to allow for easy removal or replacement of false teeth at your bedside or while traveling on the road.

There is also a two-headed cleaning brush with nylon bristles included.

For more information on Home-X Denture Travel Cases, click here.

Denture Case and Brush – by Soak and Smile

Using an oval shape, this container will have enough room to hold both uppers and lowers and comes with a removable strainer. It allows you to remove whatever you are soaking in the bath without touching the cleaning solution. There’s also a cleaning brush included.

The sturdy plastic construction is impact resistant and dishwasher safe or if you prefer, you can clean it easily in a sink of hot water. The lid snaps shut allowing for easy storage and make this a handy travel item.

For more information on the Soak and SmileDentures Case and Brush, click here.

Blue Denture Box with Opening/Closing Clip – by Gus Craft

Featuring an updated design, this denture case is perfect for cleaning, storage or travel. It includes a rinsing basket that allows for drip/dry of dentures following a solution bath and then the solution can be disposed of easily.

It now comes in a variety of different color choices as well. The box itself is designed to be multipurpose which means it can hold retainers, pacifiers, teethers, jewelry, gum shields, bite guards, night guards, and any other dental appliance.

The manufacturer also has included a 100% risk-free satisfaction guarantee.

For more information on the Gus CraftDenture Box, click here.

Dentures Cleaning Kit – Efferdent Cleaner, Case & Brush Bundle

This complete denture cleaning kit features a Pepsodent case in your choice of three different colours – green, purple or blue. A denture cleaning brush is also including for your convenience along with a box of Efferdent Cleaning Tablets to be used with water to create the cleaning solution.

The denture case is made in a low-profile design and features a tight fitting snap lid to provide storage or for traveling.

For more information on the Dentures Cleaning Kit Bundle, click here.

Why You Need Denture Brush Covers, Cases, and Kits

You could just leave your dentures soaking in the sink or sitting on a countertop but that wouldn’t be very sanitary, would it? Plus they can easily get bumped off the counter and easily damaged. That is why these accessories were created… in order to keep them clean and safe.

The containers also double as travel cases and with added bonuses such as dental cleaning brushes or straining racks there is no reason not to add one of these to your denture care tool collection.