4 tips to find the best Dental Hygienist

If you run a dental practice and you’re looking to hire a dental hygienist, you’ll quickly find that there are plenty out there looking for a job. However, when it comes to hiring the best dental hygienist, not just anyone will do. You want someone who knows what they’re doing and who is pleasant to work with.

The following are four great techniques for searching for the ideal dental hygienist that you should keep in mind:

1. Ask your current dental hygienist

Dental Hygienist cleaning teeth

Dental Hygienist cleaning teeth

People in certain professions tend to stick together. With this notion, it is a good move to query with your present dental hygienists to see if any of them know someone they can recommend to you. There is a possibility they keep in contact with someone from school, who is now seeking employment or they could have a family member who is in the same professional field.

You never know how some people are connected, so it never hurts to ask your current staff members, especially if they’re loyal and dependable. Just as people in the same work professions seem to connect with one another, people with the same work ethics also seem to be attracted to people like them.

2. Ask students in your area

When you’re searching for a dental hygienist, it’s always an excellent idea to take a trip to a local school or university to find out from the administrators if they can recommend one of their top graduation students. You can also place an ad for a job opening on the student bulletin board, in an effort to find the person you need.

The only hindrance to hiring people just out of school is the little amount of experience they have. All the same, a good idea for you is to search for a student who can be an intern for you. Interns don’t always expect to be paid, plus you can shape that person into the type of hygienist you desire. Then, when it comes time for that person to graduate, you’ll be able to hire that person permanently.

3. Call a meeting with other staff members

A great way to find a teeth implants hygienist for your office is to call a meeting with all of your current employees. Tell them that you’re looking for someone just like them and ask them if they can recommend someone to you. They may be aware of someone who is great at the job and would fit with the office.

Just like your current employees, these suggested hygienists may already be employed. If so, you may have to provide some incentive for them to leave, such as you’ll pay them more than they’re currently making, or provide better working conditions, and you just might be able to sway them your way. By treating your staff well and focusing on creating a great culture in your dental practice, this will help attract the best dental staff.

4. Ask your dental colleagues

No doubt from your days at uni, from attending industry events or continuing professional development courses, you have a number of colleagues that you can talk to. Why not give them a call to see if they know of anyone that may be able to fill your vacant dental hygienist position. Not all colleagues in the industry are direct competition, and it only takes a quick phone call or email.

As an added bonus, they may come fro a highly trusted source, which can help reduce the risk when taking on a new staff member onto your team.

So how will you find your next dental hygienist?

Professionalism and expertise are important qualities to search for when looking for your dental hygienist. You also want someone who will treat the patients with kindness and respect. Just follow these tips to increase your chances of finding the right dental hygienist.

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