Kids Teeth – Getting Your Kids To Brush Regularly

dental health for kids is important
Dental health for kids is important. Make it a priority to set them up for good dental health for life

One of the most important parts of dental care is brushing and flossing on a regular basis. While this is a routine that the majority of us are used to and appreciate, it isn’t always the most exciting thing for kids to do.

However, to keep your kid’s teeth healthy, it is absolutely essential that you be able to get your kids to brush every day. This is true even if they have their first set of teeth and they will fall out and be replaced by adult ones.

The condition of a child’s teeth will have a direct impact on their oral health for the rest of their life. Children who have cavities and other issues with their first set of teeth can develop further issues as their new set grows into place. Make sure they see their children’s dentist regularly.

The fact of the matter is that teaching your kids to brush and floss their teeth is absolutely essential. Their health and well-being and happiness is going to hinge partly on being able to develop these habits and use them throughout life.

How To Keep Kid’s Teeth Healthy

So, how do you get kids to brush their teeth? While parents can get by for a while by doing it for their new kids, the older ones are going to need to do it on their own.

It can be tricky, there’s no denying that. Sometimes children are not going to want to brush their teeth for a wide variety of reasons.

Therefore, you need to be able to work with them in order to encourage good habits, rather than forcing them to do it every night. There are several ways that you can accomplish these goals.

The first way is a straightforward one, but it can be very effective. Simply explain to your child in direct and simple terms how important this is, and why they need to be on the ball with their efforts.

It will not work on every child, but some kids are able to process this simple and direct request in a positive way. The simplest ways sometimes work, so give it a shot before moving onto other things.

Musical Toothbrush for kids teeth
Tooth tunes singing toothbrush for kids teeth

One great thing that you can do is make the experience fun for children. You can get brightly colored toothbrushes and fizzing toothpaste, as well as toothpaste which is gentle and can even be swallowed without any health risks.

Nowadays you can even get electric toothbrushes that play music for 2 minutes. This makes brushing much more interesting for children, and gives them a good indication of how long to brush for – when the music stops, they’re done. Click here to see it on Amazon.

By making this experience fun, the little ones will hopefully gravitate toward their oral health and have a good time with it in the evenings. By making sure that the kids have their own dental care tools that are special to them, you can hopefully give them a reason to enjoy things a bit more.

Getting your kids to visit a children’s dentist is another part of the story. Make sure you check out our post on what to look for in a children’s dentist.

Fluoride – Is It Safe For Your Children?

Fluoride has turned into a contentious issue in health-related circles, and parents may ponder whether or not they should give their kids fluoridated water to drink or toothpaste. The truth is, even people who endorse using fluoride to fight dental cavities realize that children should not be exposed to large volumes of fluoride.

You might like to do more research on this subject, but when you decide to clean your kid’s teeth with toothpaste that contains fluoride, be sure she or he does not swallow the toothpaste.

If your child does have a tendency to swallow toothpaste and you are concerned about how much fluoride your children may be consuming, then you might want to investigate whether or not your public water supply does in fact have fluoride added. If your local water source does contain fluoride, then you might think about getting your kid’s water in bottles or obtaining a water filter.

Further Tips To Ensure Healthy Teeth For Your Kids

There are many other things you can do to help ensure that your kids have got strong and healthy teeth. Obviously, you can buy the correct toothpaste and toothbrushes specifically made for children.

But in addition to this, make sure that you take your children to the dentist for regular dental check-ups. Many pediatric dentists specialize in dental work for kids, and they are used to dealing with the the issues that kids present, and also should know how to make them comfortable to minimize stress (for both the child and parent). It is also good to start this habit of visiting the dentist early in a child’s life so it becomes a “normal” part of their life.

Having said that, what is most important is instructing kids so that they can eventually assume responsibility for their own teeth. Look for educational materials, like publications, puzzles, and games which may have oral health themes. A useful tool for just about any home is a tooth brushing chart that could be put up in your bathroom. This will help remind kids to brush and floss every day.

Ideally, you want to get your kids to the point where they can take good care of their teeth without you being forced to continuously remind them.

Vitamin Supplements For Kids

Particular vitamins and minerals will help keep children’s teeth strong. Although you should try to make sure that your kids obtain most of their nutritional needs from their diet, at times additional supplements may be needed. Calcium and Vitamin D are both required for strong teeth and bones. While parents used to provide these for the most part with milk and other dairy products, not all kids can tolerate a diet plan that’s loaded with milk products. Occasionally, it might be better to provide them with a supplement. A different item that may be helpful for oral health is cod liver fish oil, which is full of Vitamin D3. While children may not enjoy using this, you will find children’s versions that are flavored, or perhaps you just might place it into a thing they do like, like juice.

Talk to your doctor or pediatric dentist for other supplement ideas specific to your child’s circumstances to make sure they are receiving all the necessary vitamins and minerals for healthy teeth.

Kids Oral Health – It’s Up To You

The principles we’ve covered in this article can help teach your children good routines to set them up for a life of excellent dental hygiene. Even if you’re careful, problems such as cavities can arise, which is why it is important to regularly attend your local pediatric dentist. Kids have all kinds of temptations like sweets, gum, sweet drinks along with other items that aren’t good for their teeth. To ensure dental health for kids, it is up to the parents to help educate their kids on the significance of oral health.

When it all comes down to it, this is something that sometimes requires a bit of creativity and cajoling, but you want to be able to get your kids to the point where they at least don’t dread the activity. The more you can tailor the experience to them, the better results you can expect from the situation overall.

So keep your kid’s teeth healthy by getting them into good habits early on in life, and set them up for a life of good oral health.

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