Difference Between In-Office & DIY Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is a procedure of utilizing whiteners like bleaching substances to eliminate unattractive stains and discoloration in teeth.

Besides using the more conventional teeth whitening toothpaste, you will find 2 main forms of tooth whitening practices available at present:

  • first of all, an ‘in-office’ tooth whitening method performed in the dentist’s clinic which delivers instantaneous benefits,
  • and second, an ‘at-home’ method whereby a DIY teeth whitening kit, along with customized trays, is used at home and might take more time for the outcomes to be apparent.

In both methods, peroxide-based compounds of varying degrees of potency are utilized for the tooth bleaching procedure.

Personalized ‘In-office’ Teeth Whitening

In this, the dental practitioner begins by cleaning your teeth thoroughly and then puts protective material in your mouth in order to protect the gums, inner cheeks, and lips. Tooth whitening gel is then applied to the teeth, after which a special light or laser beam is used to activate the tooth bleaching agent. The gel is allowed to remain on the teeth for about 15 to 20 minutes and most dental clinics perform this procedure in about three tooth-bleaching routines.

The advantage of carrying out the tooth whitening method in a dentist’s clinic is that the outcomes are generally instant. Typically, it takes only about 45 minutes for teeth to be whitened by a few shades. In fact, during the consultation period, it is possible to determine how much you would like your teeth to be whitened by looking at tooth shade charts. As a result, the dentist has far more control over the whole procedure in regards to providing the envisioned results.

In-office teeth whitening is, however, far more expensive and there can be greater incidences of tooth sensitivity. This is because of the stronger tooth whitener gels utilized, specifically when it’s a single-session treatment.

DIY Teeth Whitening

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At-home teeth whitening kit systems range from the gel kits prescribed by your dentist, to the DIY packages available over-the-counter. The majority of these kits feature mouth trays that are meant to be packed with the tooth whitening gel or strips that are placed onto your teeth, both of which are put on the teeth for differing lengths of time while the bleach goes to work.

It can take less than one or two weeks for benefits to show up, however, outcomes can differ depending on the degree of staining or discoloration present.

The advantages of the DIY whitening procedure are that it’s less pricey, and re-treatment can be carried out whenever needed.

Needless to say, even though it may take some time for final results to be accomplished, the outcomes aren’t very different from that which you get from professional whitening treatments.

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Whichever method of cosmetic teeth whitening you choose, the results can be quite dramatic and can have a huge impact on your self-confidence.

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