Maintaining Your Toothbrush Holder

toothbrush holder
Keep your toothbrush holder clean to avoid illness

Maintaining your toothbrush holder is very important because it comes in close contact with your toothbrush and obviously, you don’t want anything unclean to go into your mouth.

Different types of toothbrush holders require different cleaning techniques and most of them are fairly easy to keep clean.

Keep your toothbrush holder clean

When putting your toothbrush into the holder, make sure the bristles of each toothbrush do not touch each other, as blood and saliva can spread colds, viruses, and diseases if someone in your family is infected.

Also periodically clean and sterilize the holder to minimize the chances of transferring germs onto your toothbrush.

With a bit of awareness, maintaining your toothbrush holder will help you avoid spreading many diseases from one person to another.

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