Regular Flossing for Healthy Teeth

Just as any good dentist would tell you, if you want to keep your teeth for the rest of your life, you need to have a regular flossing and brushing routine. While brushing is very effective at attacking the plaque sitting on the surfaces of your teeth, a daily floss helps to get the bacteria sitting between your teeth.

Using a proper teeth brushing technique will ensure that the tops and sides of your teeth are clear of plaque, bacteria and food. But without regular flossing, you will never clean out the bacteria from between your teeth.

Plaque loves hiding in between your teeth and feeds on one of the most dangerous substances for tooth health: sugar. Sugars eat through the enamel, creating cavities and encouraging gingivitis – an inflammation of the gums.

Tooth Health – What To Look For

flossing regularly
One good way to help in the treatment of gingivitis is by brushing with a soft toothbrush and flossing regularly.

Apart from regular dental checkups and dental cleans, you can keep an eye on your tooth and gum health by inspecting your teeth and gums after you brush. If you notice bleeding of the gums or your gums bubbling between your teeth, you need to make an appointment with your dentist.

If gingivitis is treated early on, it is less harmful; if however it is left untreated, it can lead to gum disease or periodontitis, which in turn can lead to a loss of your teeth.

Your dentist will be able to give you treatment options, however one good way to help in the treatment of gingivitis is by brushing with a soft toothbrush and flossing regularly. A regular dental clean by your local dentist will also help.

The process will take some time, but it is doable. The process of healing gingivitis is the same as the process of preventing it – have a dentist clean your teeth twice a year, and brush and floss regularly. Flossing is an incredibly important part of that process.

Get Into A Flossing Routine

For good oral health, you need to brush and floss your teeth at least twice daily. However many people may brush their teeth twice daily, but only floss once. While it may seem easier to floss before hopping into bed, often many people are too tired at the end of the day. It may be best done in the morning when you are getting ready for the day. If you work it into your normal morning routine, it will become easier to do.

If you don’t have the time in the morning, try brushing and flossing right after your last meal. As soon as you finish dinner or dessert, head to the bathroom and get started on the process. If you do this before you are tired, you are more likely to make it a habit and less likely to skip days. Even better, you will be less likely to eat late snacks making it a great option to improve your general health.

Good Flossing Technique

If you aren’t too sure on how to best floss your teeth, ask your dentist to show you how. Good technique will lead to much better results. The best technique calls for a lengthy piece of floss and dedication to each tooth. Take out a length of around 18 inches and wrap one end around your index finger.

Using a clean section for every tooth, insert the floss, curve it all the way around the base of the tooth, dropping below the gum line and slowly pull it out. Do not force the floss through or move it roughly.This will only hurt your gums. Be gentle, but persistent and plaque won’t have a chance.

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Regular brushing and flossing will keep gum issues such as gingivitis away as well as giving you great oral health in the process, and will give you the best chance of keeping your teeth for life.

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