Have you ever considered buying second hand dentures? Admittedly it sounds like it could be related to a Halloween prank but it isn’t.

Let’s look at the reality of why someone may turn to used false teeth instead of going through the expense of buying a brand new set.

Why You Might Consider Buying Used False Teeth

1.  Cost

Well, first off, a complete set of dentures can cost in the neighborhood of $900 or more. Not everyone is prepared to spend that kind of money on teeth.

Even if your dentist has a payment plan option that is a lot of money that a good size of the population simply cannot afford.

2.  Availability

You can search online to buy used dentures. In fact, it is not uncommon to find postings on popular classified and bidding websites with used denture listings. eBay is one place where you can, depending on the season, purchase up to a jar full of old, used dentures.

So if you are after some dentures quickly, you might consider buying a set of second-hand false teeth.

Issues With Buying Used Dentures

buy used dentures

Second hand dentures is one of the cheaper options as an alternative to new false teeth.

Then there is the other side of the coin. Aside from hygienic issues and the overall ‘ick’ factor, there are some very good reasons why you should not seriously consider second hand dentures.

The reasons are varied but basically come down to these:

1.  Fit

If you were to look at the average person’s jawline, you could make a case that each one is distinctly different enough to be as unique as a fingerprint. When dentures are manufactured, part of the process is ensuring a proper fit in the mouth of the wearer.

This involves several fittings and adjustments. The idea is to create a plate of fake teeth that fit snugly inside the mouth as if they were there all along.

Finding a perfect fit from an assortment of second hand, used dentures is likely not possible.

2.  Relining

Even if you were to find a set of second hand dentures that were a close fit, they would still require adjustments. The refitting could be done using a small handheld filing tool to reshape and a relining resin to help fit the dentures snuggly into your mouth.

It is possible to do, however, the final fit may still never be optimal.

3.  Disease

Did we mention that used dentures may carry bacteria from whoever used to own and wear them?

Sure, there are cleaning solutions and methods available to get them looking as good as possible but think about it… What if those dentures are loaded with all kinds of bad germs?

4.  Function

Let’s just suppose you did manage to find a set of used dentures that you have been able to adjust enough that they fit fine in your mouth.

Will you be able to eat, chew, talk and smile with them? Part of the original fitting process addresses the space in the mouth and cheek area for a good fit for normal day-to-day use.

The Choice Is Up To You

In a world where organ transplants are commonplace, maybe buying, selling and wearing other people’s dentures shouldn’t be considered as something gross or creepy. When you consider organ transplants save many lives, used dentures could be saving some people’s smiles, and giving them the opportunity to eat and talk with confidence.

This is similar to reading glasses (I am sure that there are many other examples out there!). There are companies that recycle old reading glasses, giving others the opportunity to take advantage of used glasses that can serve someone well for many years. This has to be a better option than just sending them to landfill.

We know that there are people looking for them, but there does not appear to be a clear marketplace for used false teeth. It would be good if this could be done, especially to provide cheaper options for disadvantaged people. One day they may develop a cheap, practical and hygienic way to do this.

There are clearly some pros and cons to turning to second hand dentures as an alternative to new false teeth. If you can get past the fact that they were worn by someone else for probably several years, you can’t deny the cost saving. But would it really be worth saving a few hundred dollars for someone else’s teeth? Only you can answer that question.

Have you looked for and come across second hand false teeth? Where did you find them? How did they fit? Did you get them adjusted? What were the pros and cons? Please share your experience in the comments section below.