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false teeth

Dentures: Everything You Need To Know About False Teeth

Dentures are appliances that are used to replace natural teeth. The main difference between removable false teeth and other dental replacement procedures is that these teeth are not permanently fixed in your mouth. In other words, after being worn for most of the day, dentures can be removed for cleaning, soaking and to give your…

Vitamin K2

How Vitamin K2 Helps Strengthen Teeth And Bones

The link between Vitamin K and tooth decay came about quite by accident. Vitamin K was discovered in 1929 by a Danish scientist, Henrik Dam. It was also at about that time when American dentist Weston Price began researching the link between diet and other health diseases. His focus soon shifted to tooth decay when…

vitamin K

The Importance of Vitamin K for Dental Health

You may have heard of Vitamin K. It is a vitamin that is fat soluble and is considered essential for its blood clotting qualities. It is also known for how it can contribute positively to the immune system, heart and bone health. Different forms of Vitamin K work differently in the body, as described below:…

Super Poligrip Extra Strength Denture Adhesive Powder

Zinc Free Denture Adhesive Guide

Denture adhesives are available in many forms including creams or pastes, powders, cushions, strips and wafers, and are used to hold false teeth securely in the mouth. They create a seal between the gum and denture plate that ‘sticks’ false teeth in place and keeps food particles from getting in-between. Zinc has been a regular…

free dentures for seniors

Free Dentures – Free & Low Cost False Teeth Options

When you need new dentures and cannot afford them, it can impact your health as well as your confidence. Not just from the difficulties in eating, talking and smiling, either. Not being able to pay for new dentures can be a stressful experience. However, there are many different ways in which you can get free…

Tips To Cut Down On Sugar To Reduce Cavities

People have to get false teeth for a variety of reasons – one of which is because their natural teeth have had to be taken out due to cavities and decay. This is entirely preventable, and good oral hygiene is something that we should all practice. An important step to reduce cavities is to reduce…

dating with dentures

Dating With Dentures – Can You Kiss With False Teeth?

Dating is difficult enough without the added pressure that comes from doing it wearing dentures. Or at least that is the perception if you are already self-conscious about your false teeth. Chances are, that special person you are meeting for a social engagement won’t even notice. However, should the subject become a topic of discussion,…

how much do dentures cost

Dentures Prices – How Much Do Dentures Cost?

Dentures are nothing more than replacement teeth for missing ones. Full or partial plates are available as are upper or lower denture plates. Regardless of your needs and choice, dentures allow you to retain your speaking ability, facial appearance, and eating skills. False teeth are not a cheap item to purchase. However, if you consider…

dentures in a day

How To Get Dentures In A Day

Can you get dentures in one day? Well, yes you can but you can’t just pop into the dentist office without making prior arrangements. Plus, one day dentures and immediate dentures are two different things altogether. So it is good to understand the difference so that you know what you may be in for before…

buy used dentures

Where Can I Buy Used Dentures?

Have you ever considered buying second-hand dentures? Admittedly it sounds like it could be related to a Halloween prank but it isn’t. Let’s look at the reality of why someone may turn to used false teeth instead of going through the expense of buying a brand new set. Why You Might Consider Buying Used False…