Denture Irritation – How To Stop Dentures Hurting

gum irritation from dentures

If you have damaged or lost teeth for any reason, dentures are a solution that allows you to do almost everything you could do with your natural teeth. They may take a little getting used to, but false teeth will let you smile, speak and eat normally.

Here are some typical questions you may have regarding denture irritation and pain and how to stop dentures hurting.

Questions Regarding Denture Irritation

Is it normal for new dentures to hurt?

The time it takes for your gums and bone structure to change in order to completely accommodate new dentures can be accompanied by some pain or irritation. This is normal and may be in the form of pain along the gum line and general discomfort. However, gum irritation from dentures should disappear within the first few weeks of wearing new false teeth.

How long does new denture pain last?

Denture irritation should only last from a few days to a few weeks. It depends entirely on each individual and the type of dentures. Generally speaking, as your mouth becomes used to the false teeth, the pain will go away.

What is good for sore gums from dentures?

One of the easiest denture irritation remedies involves an item that is commonly found in the kitchen. To a glass of warm water, add between one-half to a full teaspoon of salt. Remove your false teeth and rinse your mouth with the solution for 15 to 30-seconds. This will assist in treating the inflammation that is causing the denture pain.

How long does it take for gums to heal after dentures?

It takes roughly between six and eight weeks for gum tissue to heal after dentures have replaced natural teeth. Once the swelling of the gums goes down, your dentures may not fit properly and will require adjustment.

What can I put on sore gums from dentures?

You have a few options available to you to treat denture gum irritation. Rinsing with a saltwater solution can help reduce the swelling as can a cold compress of a hand towel or paper towel resting on your gums. Over-the-counter medications that are formulated for treating inflammation and dental pain are also effective.

How do you stop dentures from hurting?

Removing your dentures for any length of time may provide temporary relief but it also extends the time needed for your gums and mouth to get used to them.

To reduce the pain associated with irritated gums from dentures, rinse your mouth – without the dentures in it – with a saltwater solution. Also, keep your dentures clean by brushing them regularly to keep bacteria from building up and adding to the irritation.

What is denture irritation?

Denture irritation can be caused by more than one reason. Typically, a new set of false teeth will cause pain in the gums and mouth as you adjust to wearing false teeth. This pain should subside over the course of a few days or weeks as your gums heal.

Loose-fitting dentures can slip and slide in the mouth rubbing gums and creating sore spots. Also, changes over time in our bone structure can alter the gumline to where dentures will not fit correctly causing irritation. Warped or damaged false teeth can cause sores in the mouth as well.

How to get rid of sore spots from dentures?

As mentioned previously, for immediate relief, remove your dentures and rinse your mouth with a solution of one half to a teaspoon of salt in a glass of warm water. Make an appointment with your dentist and let him or her examine you for anything more serious than denture irritation. If the pain does not leave after six to eight weeks, you may require an adjustment to your dentures to permit them to fit better.

How long do denture sores take to heal?

Depending on the individual and the type of dentures, denture sores should heal in between six and eight weeks.

In Conclusion

If you had your natural teeth removed due to pain and now suffer from denture irritation, it may seem as if there is no cure. However, your jaw structure and gum tissue will eventually heal. When you first start wearing dentures your mouth and gums are not accustomed to the plates sitting where they sit.

If your gums are inflamed, dentures sitting and rubbing against them can result in sores developing. With time, patience and saltwater, you should be able to resolve any denture gum irritation and enjoy your false teeth to the fullest.

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