Are DIY Dentures Good For You?

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Dentures are expensive. They are especially so if you are on a tight budget or have a limited income. However, there are affordable options available that fall under the category of DIY dentures.

In this article, we will discuss what do-it-yourself, or DIY dentures, are, the advantages and disadvantages of these products, and explain whether or not homemade dentures are a good idea.

What Are DIY Dentures?

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Do-it-yourself dentures are essential as the term implies. You acquire a denture kit and with it create false teeth at home that can be used instead of incurring the expense of professionally designed dentures.

The key here to remember is that since the homemade dentures are not created by a professional (dentist or denturist) there may be some issues with quality, durability, sizing, and various other qualities that the DIY dentures will lack in comparison. That being said, if cost is the main hurdle to getting proper dentures made, the do-it-yourself route is never a bad one to at least explore to see what is available.

Advantages of DIY False Teeth

There are a few pros to going the DIY route for homemade dentures. Here is a look at what they are:


A DIY denture repair kit is the most inexpensive way to fix dentures that are broken, cracked, or fractured in any way.

Likewise, DIY dentures that you make at home are also an affordable option compared to visiting your dentist.

However, in both these circumstances, the majority of the time, the DIY option is only meant as a temporary fix until you can see your dentist who can fix the issue professionally.


This is a very convenient option where denture wearer can repair their false teeth whenever needed as opposed to having to schedule a series of appointments with a dentist or denturist.

Disadvantages of DIY Denture Options

As for the downside, here is a look at the cons related to DIY dentures and denture repair kits:

Not a Perfect Fit

The negatives to DIY dentures or using a homemade denture repair kit include that your dentures may not having a perfect fit. This is one of the most important factors related to false teeth. They must be customized to fit snuggly over the gums and soft tissue of the mouth.

Dentures that do not fit properly can result in sores developing inside the mouth, problems eating, drinking, and speaking. Plus, poorly fitted dentures will impact the visual smile and contours of the face and have long-term effects such as increased bone loss.

Materials Not As Durable

Another negative is related to the materials used in the DIY false teeth. As the construction of homemade dentures is almost always made from plastic, this explains the lower price. It also means the false teeth made with plastic are not as durable and will wear down quicker just from the action of chewing.

The forces of pressure inside the mouth while chewing are very strong and plastic can suffer damage and weaken to where it will crack or break. Plus, homemade dentures that use plastic as the main material will result in the wearer having to carefully choose foods to eat that won’t cause damage to the plastic false teeth.

Not Professionally Made

The final disadvantage to DIY dentures is that they are not made by a professional. When dentures are created and fitted by a board-certified dentist or denturist working with a dental lab, the finished product is designed specifically for an individual.

Dentures are not interchangeable where they will fit more than one person. A professional dental technician will use various pieces of equipment to measure the mouth and create dentures that will look, feel, and work like natural teeth. This means they are carefully crafted, molded, and shaped to meet the various characteristics of the wearer’s mouth to fit like a glove.

Are DIY Dentures Good For You?

This question does not have a simple answer. That is because some homemade dentures are quite functional, provided they are not used long-term. They are also a logical solution for individuals on a tight budget.

However, many dentists offer payment plans and there are other financial plans available to assist with covering dental costs where dentures can become more affordable.

Whether or not DIY dentures are right for you, truly depends on the circumstances. For a temporary solution, until a dental appointment can be met, DIY false teeth can be a smart alternative. Wearing DIY dentures instead of getting professionally-made false teeth is probably not the best idea in the long term.


Dentures and denture repair are costly. Not all of us can afford what these items are priced at, and this is why it is common to see alternatives to professionally made and repaired dentures.

Typically, alternate solutions are cheaper, which makes them more attractive to most of us. However, when you consider that you often get what you pay for, DIY dentures and a cheap DIY denture repair kit is only going to deliver so much value and quality. This is why it is important to trust your dental professional with all matters related to your dental health. It is easy to see why DIY dentures and an attractive option. Sure, professionally made dentures may cost a lot, but for many, that is because they are worth the price in the long run.

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