How To Prevent Tooth Decay Naturally

Last Updated on August 23, 2023 by Jade Roberts

Are you looking for a natural ways to prevent tooth decay?

You may be surprised to find out that cavities and tooth decay are 100 percent preventable. The secrets to preventing them have been known for hundreds of years. It is not much of a surprise that your dentist doesn’t even know what they are. If everybody knew how to stop cavities in their tracks, there wouldn’t be a need for dentist, and they would be out of a job!

There are actually several natural ways to prevent tooth decay and cavities. In fact, I have already discovered at least five different methods that you can use to help fight cavities, gum disease and tooth decay. But for today I will discuss 2 of these with you.

Use a Cavity Fighting Miswak Stick

A Miswak stick is essentially an antibacterial stick you can chew on that kills cavities naturally. If you have a toothache, or you are just starting to get a cavity, chewing on a Miswak stick for 20 min. per day can kill the bacteria and give you much healthier teeth.

Not only will this help to kill bad bacteria in your mouth, but it will also help your teeth to re-mineralized and become stronger. Stronger teeth are more resistant to cavities in the future. Chewing on a Miswak stick will encourage blood to flow through your teeth. This also helps to fight infection and prevent tooth decay.  If you start using a Miswak stick early enough, you can prevent tooth decay from occurring.

Proper Nutrition To Prevent Tooth Decay

Prevent tooth decay with good nutrition

A good place to start to prevent tooth decay is with good nutrition

The majority of the people in our country are malnourished. Even though they eat plenty of calories, they don’t get the nutrition that they need. Our ancestors usually lived on a farm and grew their own food. They ate food straight from the land. As a result, they got far fewer cavities and had far better dental health.

Today, our diet includes a lot of pre-made and highly processed foods. It an effort to make these foods last a long time, and reduce the cost of producing them, these foods are made with very little nutritional value and a lot of preservatives. If you take the time to compare highly processed white flour, to whole-wheat flour that is freshly ground up, you will notice there is a huge difference. Not only is there a difference in the density of the flour, but there is a difference in the nutritional value that the whole-wheat flour has to offer.

Farm fresh eggs are also a lot healthier for your teeth than eggs you buy at the store. Milk is the same way. When you make your own butter from grass fed cows, it is almost an orange color. When you buy butter from the store, it is normally a pale yellow. The butter that you make contains much higher concentrations of fat-soluble vitamins and minerals that help you have strong teeth and prevent tooth decay. Store-bought milk, eggs and butter offers very low concentrations of natural vitamins and minerals.

Well what does nutrition have to do with tooth decay? The answer is quite simple. When our body gets the right nutrition, our bones and teeth are healthy. When we don’t get as much nutrition as we need, the body often takes nutrition from other places where it is stored. When bodies are malnourished, it can remove minerals from our teeth and make them weak.

Once our teeth have become weak, they will be highly susceptible to cavities. By having the proper nutrition, we can make our teeth stronger and more cavity resistant. Therefore proper nutrition helps to prevent tooth decay naturally!

Stay tuned to see other tips on how to prevent tooth decay naturally in upcoming posts.

If you have any great tips of your own to prevent tooth decay, please feel free to share below…

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