What Do Dentures Look Like?

natural looking dentures

There has been a misconception on what false teeth should look like. Because they are in all instances ‘fake’ teeth, it is fair to say that if you have never worn any or been up close to a denture wearer you could perceive that dentures could look fake.

However, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Modern dental technology has permitted ways to create very real and natural looking false teeth. In fact, if you were to try to identify someone who has dentures, you probably couldn’t. That is provided that their false teeth were professionally made and that the wearer takes good care of them.

Here are the guidelines used by the creators of false teeth to prevent this from happening.

Three Principal Factors

There are three guiding principles in the creation of false teeth. They include:

  • The dentures must have a natural base appearance
  • The dentures must have a natural tooth appearance
  • The dentures must fit correctly

A Little More On Denture Fit

If you have never worn false teeth before, your mouth may take a little time to adjust to the strange feeling of these ‘fake’ items in contact with your gum tissue. Once your mouth gets used to them, if the fit is not correct – where the dentures slip or rub creating an irritation – you must get that corrected. The better they fit, the more natural your dentures will appear.

The Correct Shade

One of the most obvious ways to make your dentures appear natural is to have them made in the correct shade of color. The base that sits on your gums can easily be made to match the color of your gums creating the illusion of natural gums. The color of the fake teeth attached to that base can also be made to mimic bright, clean and white teeth or a different shade of white.

Care And Maintenance

Probably the most important factor that can contribute to the overall appearance of your dentures is how you take care of them. They are fragile and can easily crack, chip or break if dropped. Wearing dentures with a cracked or broken tooth will reveal that you have fake teeth in your mouth.

Regular cleaning of your dentures and an overnight soak in a cleaning solution will keep them looking good as new and as natural as they were when you first got them. Do not use regular toothpaste or a regular toothbrush to clean your false teeth. There are many good denture cleaning products available over-the-counter that will take care of your false teeth.

Dentures Should Look Natural

So as you can see, with the proper fit, correct shade of color and proper care and attention, your dentures should appear to be anything but false. However, there are times when a plate or partial can slip out of place. Usually it happens at the most inconvenient time.

Fortunately, there are also a number of adhesive products on the market that are meant to hold false teeth securely in place. See more about denture adhesives in this article.


When you meet all the requirement noted above, it makes it hard for others to tell whether or not your teeth are natural or if you happen to have a set of false teeth. So if you are considering getting dentures because of the way they look, there really is no need to be concerned.

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