Where To Get Dentures – How To Find a Denturist

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There may be a time in your life when you will be exploring false teeth options and where to get dentures. Although your local dentist is probably the most logical place to go for dentures, you do have a few other options available to you. Some of them may even save you a fair amount if you happen to be on a tight budget.

In this article, we will look at the many places you can go for false teeth and share how to know which of these places are reliable and safe for you to visit for dental care needs.

Denturist vs Dentist – Who Should You See For False Teeth

where to get dentures

Before we explore your many options for dentures, let’s learn more about the dental care professionals that can help you with all your dental care needs.

When trying to understand the difference between “denturist vs dentist”, the title that is used by each professional should help you to understand which is which.

You probably already will have an idea of what a dentist is. That is the person you go to for regular check-ups of your teeth and gums. Your dentist sees many patients in a normal workday and can treat a variety of matters related to your oral hygiene from cleanings to cavities and gum disease.

So What Is A Denturist?

A denturist is a specialized dental professional who has been trained and works only with patients who require dentures. This includes everything related to dentures from exams to repairing and relining false teeth.

How To Find A Denturist

Denturists go by many different names. In Canada and the United States, these dental professionals are called denturists. However, in the United Kingdom they are known as Clinical Dental Technologists. And in Australia and New Zealand, they are Dental Prosthetists.

Regardless of the title, you are still looking for someone who focuses entirely on false teeth. But how exactly do you find one to address your false teeth requirements?

The first step in how to find a denturist begins at the office or clinic of your local dentist. In many of these facilities, there will be a denturist on staff or one that can be accessed to work from the clinic to treat you. In some cases, your dentist is also a denturist.

If your dentist’s office does not have one on staff or work with one, ask for a referral to the nearest denturist. You may have to conduct a Google search to find one near you.

If that doesn’t work, ask friends, co-workers, family and anyone else you can think of that has false teeth for insight on where they got their dentures from. Your family doctor may be able to point you in the right direction or you may resort to using the ADA (American Dental Association) search tool online.

Regardless of where you find a denturist, you will want to confirm that this professional is fully qualified before booking an appointment.

How To Tell If The Dentist Or Denturist Is Qualified

There are a few things you can do as homework before you have any dental work done to identify the qualifications of a dentist or denturist.

You can check their credentials with an online search. The results should tell you such things as where they went for their schooling, what requirements they have fulfilled to be certified, what certifications they hold, and also read any patient reviews for added insight related to interaction and office procedure.

Another way to find out about the qualifications of a dentist or denturist is to visit their clinic or office. In many circumstances, you can book something called an “introductory appointment” where you can meet the dental professional in a casual meeting. During this time, you can ask questions and learn more. It is important that you feel comfortable while in a normal appointment receiving dental care and meeting with the person in advance will help to achieve this.

Where To Get Dentures

Dentists Or Denturists

how to find a denturist

As mentioned above, the most obvious places to get dentures are by visiting your dentist or denturist.

However, let’s face it… denture prices can be expensive and can be a big reason why many people don’t get the oral care they need. Some people just don’t have the savings or are under-insured, which makes using the services of a typical dentist or denturist not an option.

As it turns out, there are other options whereby you don’t have to visit a dental clinic or the office of a denturist to get false teeth. Provided the denturist you are seeing is fully qualified, there are several places where you will be able to obtain dentures at a fraction of the price of going to a dental office.

Here is a look at other options that are worth investigating which may allow you to get dentures at an affordable price.

Dental Discount Plans

This is the alternative to a traditional dental insurance plan. It is a dental savings plan where you sign up and pay an annual fee. That membership gives you access to dentists and denturists who will provide you dental services at a discounted rate.

There are qualifications to meet before sign-up, but the savings can be massive ranging from between 10% and 60% depending on the specific treatment provided.

Dental Schools

Dental schools have student dentists and denturists who are supervised by licensed professionals. These sites offer quality dental care at affordable prices.

The students are not fully qualified but require experience working on patients and depending on where you go for this service, you may pay nothing or a greatly reduced rate for service.

Sites to visit for information include Boston University, University of Michigan, and Detroit Mercy Dental Centre.

Donated Dental Services

This non-profit program has provided more than $330-million in donated dental services to over 117,000 people. Those who qualify will receive free and comprehensive dental treatments.

The DDS (Donated Dental Services) program is aimed at individuals with disabilities, the elderly, and medically fragile who either do not qualify for public medical aid or cannot afford dental care.

Free/Low Cost/Sliding Scale Dental Clinics

You may be able to locate one of many clinics that offer something called “sliding scale dental services.” What this means is that the payment plan has set fees and discounts that are created to match the financial restraints of a patient.

As no two patients have the same financial situation, the payment scale “slides” to fit the individual keeping costs affordable. Examples of these clinics can be found by searching for “needy meds,” “free dental care,” and “free clinics.”

Give Back A Smile

Here is another non-profit organization where volunteer cosmetic dentists in Canada and the United States treat a variety of dental injuries resulting from domestic or sexual violence. Over 1,600 patients have been given back their smiles thanks to this program at a value of well over $16-million.

Patients who are eligible for the service can receive treatment from a volunteer dentist if one is located within 200 miles of the person seeking the service.

Mission of Mercy

This is another non-profit volunteer group that offers free dental care along with additional medical services for underinsured individuals, those who have no insurance or do not fit the qualifications for any other program.

This group, formed in 1991, is based in Pennsylvania and operates a total of nineteen clinics in four different states. The Mission of Mercy has delivered roughly 25,000 no-cost patient visits each year.

Remote Area Medical

This is a non-profit volunteer program that offers free dental care and additional medical services to individuals who are either underserved or lack medical insurance coverage. With a network of over 120,000 volunteers, the RAM (Remote Area Medical) program has delivered over $120-million in free healthcare services.

The services offered include dentures for residents who have low incomes and qualify to access this program.

National Association of Free & Charitable Clinics

This grassroots organization was formed in 2001 in Alexandria, VA. The group has pulled together medical professionals of all kinds who work together to provide dental and medical services to underinsured individuals, those who do not have insurance or are otherwise identified as working poor.

The services are provided at affordable prices and include the provision for budget false teeth for patients who meet the qualifications.

In Conclusion

When it is time for you to discover where to get dentures, it is reassuring to know that you have many options available to you. Depending on your personal situation, you may qualify for an affordable service where you will be able to have dentures made at a cost far less than going to your local dentist or denturist.

The goal is to help you maintain your oral health and for some, that is a costly thing to do. Hopefully, this article has given you some alternatives to consider that may save you some money and keep you smiling!

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