Should You Consider A Dental Vacation To Costa Rica?

Last Updated on August 23, 2023 by Jade Roberts

costa rica dental vacation
There are many resorts where you can stay during your Costa Rica dental vacation

Increasing numbers of travelers have experienced that Costa Rica is one of the better places in the world for Americans and Canadians to travel to for a dental vacation.

For those who don’t exactly know what is involved with a dental vacation, it is when somebody travels to a foreign destination, such as Costa Rica, with the intention of enjoying the holiday destination itself and at the same time books into a dentist for some oral health care work, and saving up to 70% on a number of oral care services.

Having dental care abroad is generally a lot less to endure than some other different forms of healthcare tourism. Most dental treatments allow patients to walk out the door after the procedure the exact same day. As with many healthcare tourism destinations, dental practitioners in Costa Rica are extremely trained and considered among the better ones in the Americas, with many having attended colleges in the United States. Costa Rica dentists tend to not be granted to display their costs, however, the reality is that up to 60% savings can be found on a wide number of treatments.

Do Your Research

Of course, it is extremely important that anyone interested in dental treatment abroad does their research in the dentists they intend to use, as it is imperative that the dentist you use is qualified and experienced with your procedure. The internet is a great place to do your own research for a dental vacation… just enter the name of the dentist or dentistry into Google and you will find information, testimonials, and skills of the dentist you intend to use. If you do not find any information, then it may be wise to stay clear.

In the video below is one example that contains some testimonials, however, it would be wise to find unbiased reviews and feedback of dentists and dental practices in the area before booking (don’t just look at reviews posted by the dentists themselves!).

The vacation aspect of dental tourism is a relatively straightforward process in Costa Rica. They do a lot of dental work for people flying in from the USA and is worth a lot of money to the local economy, so they generally look after their patients well. As a good rule of thumb, it is generally best to plan your vacation activities before your dental work. Often a family can enjoy a vacation and have dental work done on your whole family for a similar price as a dentist would charge at home just for the dental work.

Costa Rica has many adventures for your whole family. It has the highest amount of national park area to landmass of any country and has a wide variety of plants and animals in its parks and forests. Costa Rica is about the size of West Virginia so it is not a daunting task to visit a large proportion of the country on your visit.

Our advice for a dental vacation, regardless of where you go, is to do your very own thorough research before you book in for any dental treatment abroad.

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