Laser dentistry – Is it the best option?

Last Updated on August 23, 2023 by Jade Roberts

Children learn at an early age to avoid pain and discomfort. Even going to the shopping center can be a burden to them because they would rather play than walk through the mall looking at the stores for grown-ups.

They don’t hide their dissatisfaction well either. If they don’t want to go, they will tell you about it. If they can, they’ll get out of it every time. This seems to be the case with everything unpleasant in their lives.

A trip to the dentist is no exception to this rule.

When they don’t brush their teeth, the result is often a long and painful a visit to the dentist, revealing cavities.

Some have it worse than others and dread going to get their teeth cleaned. Even years later, long after they have grown up, found a job and have kids of their own, they cringe when they walk into that familiar office.

laser dentistry

Laser dentistry may be an option for people who don’t like visiting the dentist.

With the aid of modern technology, that mindset is finally changing. Previous generations are accustomed to sedation methods that make the process just a little bit better.

Laughing gas has been used for over a century to help ease the pain by distracting the mind. It’s not the best method, but it has proven effective.

But many patients don’t like the lingering effects. Modern advances have brought anesthetic to the gums that numb them completely throughout the procedure.

The pain of the operation might be gone, but the memories of the painful pricks remain long afterwards. People learn to dread these dental visits, even though they not be in any discomfort or pain.

They also don’t dull the uncomfortable jarring of the slow drill in the mouth during the removal of a cavity. It can’t reduce the vibrations, and that is is something that patients remember.

Can laser dentistry help?

Sedation techniques have done a lot to help patients, but they haven’t done everything. That’s why the dental community is getting excited about laser dentistry.

Scientists have harnessed the ability to use a light beam to do the same procedures a drill would have to do in past. Laser dentistry produces no vibrations and eases the discomfort of patients as they get their dental work done.

It can help perform biopsies and exposes wisdom teeth when needed. Dentists are getting excited about it because it offers their patients a much less painful method to get the work done that they need.

This makes for happier patients and makes people like coming in (at least more than they used to). Ask your dentist for advice on this matter.

Although it is good for a lot of people, it is not right for everyone. Not every dentist is prepared to work with these new technologies.

The best way to know is to ask your local dentist. He or she will be able to best advise you if laser dentistry will be best for you in your situation.


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