False Teeth Alternatives Take Advantage of New Technology

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False Teeth Alternatives abound in our modern world.

Have you experienced losing a tooth? If so, you must have realized how uncomfortable and frustrating losing a tooth is. Missing teeth can lead to loss of self-confidence and a feeling of embarrassment. To prevent this, an individual may opt to have false teeth to replace missing teeth.

However there are several false teeth alternatives that a dentist or prosthodontist may offer. These false teeth alternatives have their own advantages and disadvantages. Together with your dentist, you can choose from among the many false teeth alternatives that will suit your particular needs and lifestyle.

False Teeth Alternatives: Dental Implants


Orthodontist examining teeth

There are several false teeth alternatives that a dentist may offer

Dental implants are thought to be the best solution in replacing missing teeth. Surgery is required for dental implants. The procedure is done by installing a screw made of titanium in the jaw bone which will serve as the tooth root. The adjustment of the dental implant may take up to 3 months before the dentist can fit the post and the prosthetic tooth is slipped over the post. A single tooth, a few teeth, or a complete set of teeth of the lower and upper jaws can be replaced with implants.

Dental implants is a fixed method of teeth replacement and may be an invasive experience for the patient since a hole is drilled in the bone of the lower or upper jaw to put the implants. The healing period is quite long, taking up to several months. This procedure is permanent and the cost is expensive. Of all the false teeth alternatives, this is the most expensive of all. Cost per implant averages around $1250 and packages may be negotiated with the dentist if multiple implants are needed.

Other Alternatives: Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers are made up of a thin composite resin or porcelain shells that  are placed over the teeth for protection, added strength, and for aesthetic enhancement. They are not actually replacements for missing teeth. Porcelain veneers are ideal for individuals who have discolored teeth but with healthy roots. They can also make a great cover-up for unsightly defects caused by injury damage and procedures from root canal. The texture and color of the teeth are closely identical to the natural teeth that it is very hard to differentiate between veneers and real teeth.

Other Alternatives: Denture Bridges and Crowns

Denture bridges and crowns are fixed procedures in replacing missing tooth/teeth. A denture bridge may be made up of one or several crowns which are attached together, making it possible to replace missing teeth by just a single prosthesis. The denture bridge is cemented or anchored to the remaining teeth and as such is not detachable and cleaning is the same way as brushing natural teeth. The denture bridges and crowns are best for replacing short gaps of missing teeth. The cost is also quite expensive because pricing is done per tooth that is to be replaced.

Taking the time to discuss the different false teeth alternatives with your dentist will give you the needed information. Your dentist will view the overall condition of your dental problem and will suggest the option that will work best for you taking into consideration your best interest and comfort.

This is the time to also ask your dentist about dental plan coverage, if any. And also to discuss finance and payment options. Most dentists offer their patients financing options for treatment that involves multiple and extended procedures.

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