False Teeth Costs – General Guidelines and Options

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Replacing missing teeth with false teeth or dentures is an option readily available to many people regardless of age, gender, and general dental condition.

The different types of dentures each have their own benefits, but just like many things we purchase, false teeth costs will depend on the kind of dentist doing the job, the location of the practice, and the type of material used.

In fact, the more specialized the dentist, the more expensive false teeth costs will be.

Factors That Influence False Teeth Costs

False teeth costs depend on several factors, such as:

  • The complexity of the false teeth or dentures being requested
  • The location of the preferred dentist or the location of the dental office within the area
  • The amount of coverage covered by the dental insurance policy
  • The type of dentist – a prosthodontist who specializes in fitting dentures, or a cosmetic dentist who specializes in aesthetics, may charge more
  • The added cost of possible procedures like oral surgery and remaining teeth extractions
  • The dental materials to be used for the false teeth – conventional dentures made of plastic are the most inexpensive while flexible resins are expensive
  • The length of warranty also affects false teeth costs
False teeth costs with white teeth
False teeth costs vary greatly depending on the quality of the dentures

False teeth costs vary greatly depending on the quality of the dentures since quality determines the appearance and comfort of such oral devices. The price you will pay for false teeth aptly fits the old saying “You get what you pay for.

False teeth costs are categorized as low-end, mid-range, and high-end:

  • Low-end false teeth or dentures may be easy on the pocket at $300 or lower, but the appearance, durability, and comfort are compromised. False teeth in this range may be a good choice, cost-wise, for people who are opting for a temporary solution such as those waiting for their implants.
  • Mid-range false teeth or dentures may cost $1,000 for full dentures of the lower and upper jaw. The features are the same as high-end dentures, but there would be some differences in the aesthetic appearance and the length of the warranty.
  • High-end false teeth or dentures may cost from $1,000 to about $5,000 for a complete set for the lower and upper jaw. The cost may seem exorbitant to some, especially if there is no dental insurance coverage.  The cost is due mainly to the dental laboratory since so much detail is put into making the dentures look as natural as can be, from the color of the teeth and gums, making them closest to the natural thing. The materials for the teeth such as acrylic resins are of top quality, ensuring durability that may last for a very long time. The warranty for high-end dentures includes protection from cracking and chipping due to usage and tearing.

False Teeth Costs

Partial Dentures

Low-end: $300 to $500

Mid-range: $700 to $1,800

High-end: $2,000 to $4,000

Full Dentures

Low-end: $300 to $500

Mid-range: $500 to $1,000

High-end: $1,000 to $4,000

Dental Bridge

The cost for a dental bridge is between $800 and $12,000

Dental Implants

The cost for dental implants is between $1,250 each and $30,000 for a dental implant package


The cost for overdentures is between $500 and $3,000

Flexible Dentures

The cost for flexible dentures is a little bit higher than the other types of false teeth, except for implants, but the price is worth it because of several outstanding features like, it is unbreakable and fits comfortably in the mouth.

In fact, many clients, when given the choice of traditional dentures vs. the newer, lighter, and stronger flexible dentures, opt for the flexible dentures despite a significant increase in false teeth costs. This is because you cannot put a price on a beautiful smile and a more confident and beautiful you!

If you are after more information on the different types of dentures available, please click here.

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